Laura Giordano, Alberto Martelli:
Web Service Composition in a Temporal Action Logic.

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In: Proceedings of 4th International Workshop on AI for Service Composition (AISC06), Trento, Italy (28th August 2006), 52-59, August 2006

The paper presents an approach to reasoning about web service composition using a temporal action theory. Web services are described by specifying their interaction protocols in an action theory based on a dynamic linear time temporal logic. The proposed framework provides a simple formalization of the communicative actions in terms of their effects and preconditions and the specification of an interaction protocol by means of temporal constraints. We adopt a social approach to agent communication, where the action effects can be described in terms of changes in the social state, and protocols in terms of creation and satisfaction of commitments among agents. We show how the problem of web service composition can be formulated in the action theory as a planning problem, and we show how it can be solved using an automata based approach.



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