Loïc Royer, Benedikt Linse, Thomas Wächter, François Bry, Michael Schroeder:
Christopher J. O. Baker, Kei-Hoi Cheung (editors):
Querying the semantic web: A case study.

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In: Revolutionizing Knowledge Discovery in the Life Sciences, December 2006
© Springer

Semantic web technologies promise to ease the pain of data and system integration in the life sciences. The semantic web consists of standards such as XML for mark-up of contents, RDF for representation of triplets, and OWL to define ontologies. We discuss three approaches for querying semantic web contents and building integrated bioinformatics applications. Besides already established approach such as XQuery, we compare two novel rule-based approaches, namely Xcerpt - a versatile XML and RDF query language, and Prova - a language for rule-based Java scripting. We demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of these three approaches through a case study, which comprises an ontology browser, which supports retrieval of protein structure and sequence information for proteins annotated with terms from the ontology.



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