Piero A. Bonatti, Juri Luca de Coi, Daniel Olmedilla:
Daniel Olmedilla (editor):
Protune's Technical Specifications.

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In: (I2-D12)

Policy languages and frameworks focus on the specification of statements defining the behaviour a system must follow. Those statements may be exchanged in order to inform other systems about what they should satisfy therefore building policy-driven negotiations. A large number of policy languages with different expressiveness exist addressing different scenarios and a flexible negotiation protocol that addresses all of them and subsumes existing ones to date is required. In addition, policy frameworks typically assume that the knowledge base containing the policies are the main source of information. However, companies and institutions may require the use of legacy systems in order to avoid a costly and complex migration. Furthermore, due to performance and scalability issues, it even may not be appropriate to migrate all the data of a company to the policy KB. This document specifies a flexible negotiation protocol as well as a description of its implementation in the Protune prototype. It also describes scenarios in which legacy systems are used, provides a common interface in Protune for the integration of backend repositories.



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