Jörg Diederich:
Jörg Diederich (editor):
Educational infrastructure: A prliminary version.

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In: (E-D6)

This deliverable reports about the current state of the educational infrastructure prototype, jointly developed in the education and training WP of the NoE REWERSE and the education area of the NoE KnowledgeWeb. As reported in T/E-D4, the prototype is based on the Universal Brokerage Platform, which is also used for the EducaNext platform, currently used in the NoE PROLEARN. The prototype is known as 'Repository of EASE for Learning Units' (abbreviated REASE), with EASE being the European Association for Semantic Web Education (formerly known as VISWE). This report is written manly in the form of a user manual how to apply for a user account and how to insert learning units on the platform.



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