Rolf Backofen, Liviu Badea, Pedro Barahona, Albert Burger, Gihan Dawelbait, Andreas Doms, François Fages, Anca Hotaran, Vaida Jakoniene, Ludwig Krippahl, Patrick Lambrix, Kenneth McLeod, Steffen Möller, Werner Nutt, Björn Olsson, Michael Schroeder, Sylvain Soliman, He Tan, Doina Tilivea, Sebastian Will:
Pedro Barahona (editor):
Usage of Bioinformatics Tools and Identification of Information Sources.

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.pdf, 247KB]
In: (A2-D2)

Bioinformatics is an important application area for semantic web technologies as much of the data is online and accessible in XML format, as some sites already support web services, and as ontologies are widely used to annotate data. In this deliverable, we give a survey over 18 of the most important bioinformatics resources and discuss their availability and accessibility, which are two of the main criteria for these resources to act as bases for later demonstrators.



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